About Stretching Panda
"The more consciously we live, the more intensely we experience"
Our goal is to make the practice of yoga more inspiring and accessible to you. Through our holistic approach to wellbeing, we have learned that complete abundance begins with creating a connection between body and mind. Our founder Elle Todorova, wants to make yoga accessible to everyone and has created the Stretching Panda platform.
Elle´s path to yoga wasn't the most conventional one. Since she was a kid, Elle´s dream was to be on stage. With 18 Years she decided to follow her heart and leave her home country Belgium and move to Munich to start her education as a Musical Performer. But the universe had its own plan and a severe injury turned her life upside down. Elle graduated University with a Master in Cultural Studies and started her own business. For more than 10 years she worked as an Art Director creating shows for corporate events. As the Years were passing by she felt an urge to reconnect to herself and create a space where she could rest her busy mind.
"I wanted to find a way of living in balance and harmony in my body. Live on earth responsibly and improve myself. The way to get to that it by starting with your own body and take charge of it. Create a healthy environment and connect to yourself in order to allow the link between the mind and the body."

Elle is sharing her awareness on how to live a life full of limitless energy, joy and balance through her teachings. She is in constant search of personal growth and guides her students to develop ease and peace with themselves, in order to overcome daily challenges with more confidence and trust.

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