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Life is a movement
My Teachings
I adapt my classes individually to my students. The goal is to connect body and mind and to create space for self-reflection and meditation.
Power Yoga
Very dynamic and energetic asanas from Ashtanga Yoga (an intensive yoga practice, which is very suitable for athletes). This practice will allow you to build up strength and flexibility. Your blood pressure and metabolism will be stimulated and activated.
Detox Yoga
A unique combination of asanas, which have a detoxifying, strengthening, firming effect onyour body. This practice will stimulate your blood circulation and active your metabolism.
Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow combines three classic yoga styles: Ashtanga, Iyengar and ViniYoga - the practice is based on the synchronization of dynamic asanas (movement) and breathing (pranayama).

Streching Panda Program
Find the right program to achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. Choose between group or private classes to discover yourself in a new way. Bring Yoga to your company and increase the well-being of your employees.
Group classes
Digital Yoga class with other participants
Group courses are available in the following variants
Easy Flow, Intermediate Flow and Pro Flow. So there is guaranteed to be the right level for everyone.
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Private classes
One on One digital Yoga class
Find the Private yoga class that suits you the best. The duration of a class is 75min with exclusive features. Achieve your long term personal goals.

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"Yoga is a great place to really practice knowing the self more and the more we get to know about us, the more we understand our connection to everything. Yoga allows recognition. Loving who you are and accepting that we are all different. The whole world needs yoga."
Our Approach
" There is no right time, there is only now!"
Do you sometimes feel you are disconnected from yourself? Are you looking for ways to slow down your life and increase your well-being? Being fulfilled and in balance is not always easy. What if you could make a change right now?

Elleyoga is a program designed to empower women and men striving to live a happier and healthier life. Through a variety of yoga classes and retreats, you will be given the right environment to develop consciously, increase your fitness, and reconnect to your inner self. A regular yoga practice will help build up more self-confidence, strength, and mental stability to deal with your daily challenges. You will increase your well-being and create new relationships within our community. See you soon.

Easy Flow
Group Class
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Intermediate Flow
Group Class
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Pro Flow
Group Class
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Train the Trainer
Master Class is a program for yoga teachers (or for advanced practitioners) who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge about how to teach, personalize and adjust asanas. You will be guided through all the key postures building up a better understanding of how to transmit them to your students. Postures will be demonstrated and explained to you by yoga teachers with many years of experience.

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Stretching Panda
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